It’s an unusual name, right - Pomander? 

If you’re wondering, the word originates from pomme d'ambre, or ‘apple of amber’. A metal sphere containing chambers for aromatic herbs and spices. 

Pomanders were worn as jewellery by men and women of a certain social class. Their exotic perfume – typically orange, cloves and musk – was thought to promote health and wellbeing. 

In the early 1700s, Nurmerberger Peter Henlein was inspired to build clock movements into a pomander. He created the world’s first portable timepiece – and a reminder that time is precious. 

Today, Hotel Pomander continues that legacy by asking guests to do one thing: find time. 

Moments like these

Hotel Pomander’s vision is to transform the generic this-could-be-anywhere hotel stay into something a little more memorable, one moment at a time. 

Pomander stands out as something different; something special. Independence is our superpower - it means we can do things our way. 

After an extensive refurbishment, the hotel’s rooms, suites and public spaces - including The Blend coffee shop and bar, Public Kitchen & Bar, the gym, pool and wellness area - have been completely transformed.

Think again about what a city break or business trip should look like. What it should feel like. 

Time is precious. And everyone should experience moments like these.